Unplugged is being developed by many people throughout the world, in many different projects depending on the interests of the people involved and the needs of their communities.
It's easy to get involved! You're most welcome to join one of these projects by contacting the people responsible, or start your own project and let us know what you're doing so we can add it here.

New Activities
Project Participants
Harold the Robot
Phylogenetics Unplugged
Simulation Task


  • Initial development
  • Testing
  • Write-up as complete activity
  • Related activity page developed
  • Included in Unplugged books
Class Simulation of a Computer
Intelligent Paper Project


  • 最初的发展
  • 测试
  • 完整的活动的评估报告
  • 相关活动页面的发展
  • 包含在 Unplugged 的书中
Unplugged 的系统学研究
Harold 机器人
Project Participants
Unplugged Website

Ongoing development of the website for Computer Science Unplugged

Project for development of the site itself
Promotional Materials

Development of promotional materials that can be used as giveaways at events

Evaluation of Unplugged activities

Tim Bell and Mick Grimley have performed some initial evaluations of using the Unplugged activities in a classroom. More extensive longitudinal studies are planned.

Unplugged 活动的评估

Tim Bell 和 Mick Grimley 在教室里使用unplugged活动已经实施了一些最初的评估。更多大量纵向的研究工作正在计划中。



Unplugged 的站点

Computer Science Unplugged的站点开发工作仍然在继续中

Communicating Unplugged Ideas
Project Participants
Si Piuh Comics Isaac Freeman

Comics that describe Unplugged activities as stories set in the world of Si Piuh.

Children’s Edition

Development of an edition written for children


  • English language version
  • Support material on the website
  • Site Development

Production of videos associated with each activity

Unplugged in Virtual Worlds

Developing the kinaesthetic activities in Second Life to make the accessible, including for people with mobility disabilities.

Work is underway adapting the activities for people with mobility and visual disabilities, and a virtual world offers an exciting way to provide such an experience for those with mobility issues; it may also be suitable for students who are isolated for social or personal reasons.

Unplugged and Robotics, Unplugged and students programming languages (Scratch, Alice)

School curricula and special events often use robotics, or programming languages like Scratch and Alice, to expose students to computer science concepts. A project run by Tim Bell is planned to start soon combining these with CS Unplugged; for example, students could do a kinesthetic activity, and then implement the activity using a robot or programming language.



为这个项目工作的团队中有: Tim Bell, Mick Grimley (U of Canterbury, NZ), Daniela Marghitu (Auburn University, Alabama, USA), Hiroki Manabe (Kanagawa Vocational Training School for Persons with Disabilities, Japan) and Giovanni Bianco (University of Verona, Italy). 最近我们的团队成员正在开发“排序网络”。





  • 英语版
  • 网站上的支撑材料
  • 网站开发
Si Piuh 的漫画 Isaac Freeman

Si Piuh的世界里我们会用漫画的形式来描述Unplugged的活动,就像讲述一个故事一样。.

Unplugged 和机器人学, Unplugged 和程序设计(Scratch, Alice)

学校的课程以及一些特定的活动常常会使用机器人学,或是像Scratch 和 Alice这样的程序设计语言,来向学生揭示计算机科学的概念。一个由 Tim Bell 运作的项目想要把这些概念与 CS Unplugged合并。比如说:学生们可以做一些运动性的活动,用机器人学和程序设计的概念来实施这些活动。

Project Participants
Unplugged Training

A project for training people to conduct Unplugged events

School Programmes

Development of programmes in schools



Unplugged 的培训


Project Participants
Arabic Translation

Activities 1 and 2 are available separately in Arabic on their respective pages, and together in a single PDF here

Chinese Translation

Menus for this website are available in Traditional Chinese.
Chinese versions of the videos are available here

French Translation

François Rechenmann at INRIA has produced a French translation for Interstices web site. The teacher version of the book is available from the Interstices site.

German Translation

A German translation of the first 5 activities is available here, translated by Maexl Stege of Limburgerhof in Germany.
In collaboration with SPARCS (Solving Problems with Algorithms, Robots, andComputerS), Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria, Canada, Maexl is translating the remaining activities.
Please send any comments regarding this translation to

Hebrew Translation

A Hebrew translation of the Unplugged activities is in progress. The activities are being posted on a blog as they are completed. The work is being done by Shimon Schocken and Benny Chor

Japanese Translation

A Japanese version of the teachers' edition (Activities 1-12) is already available here

Korean Translation

Menus for this website are available in Korean.
A Korean print version of the teachers' edition (Activities 1-12) is available for purchase here.
Korean versions of the videos are available here.

Spanish Translation

A Spanish version of the teachers' edition is now available. A translation of the remaining activities (13-20) is underway.
The translation has been done by Alfonso Rodriguez (iCarnegie, Pittsburgh, PA) Lorena Mendoza (Pittsburgh, PA) and Clara Eugenia Garza (IIMAS UNAM
Ciudad de Mexico)

Swedish Translation

Swedish versions of the videos are available here.
A Swedish web site for Unplugged is hosted by Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH)

Translation of new content back into English

An ongoing project to make sure that the English language version is up to date with the other versions

Russian translation

Derevyanko Irina Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Computer Science), Podolsk, Moscow,
Russia, is translating the activities into Russian.




一个专门unplugged的瑞典语的网站 是由Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH)提供的。




西班牙语的版本的教师手册现在可以得到了。余下一些活动(13-20)的翻译工作也在进行中。 翻译工作时由 Alfonso Rodriguez (iCarnegie, Pittsburgh, PA) Lorena Mendoza (Pittsburgh, PA) and Clara Eugenia Garza (IIMAS UNAM Ciudad de Mexico)做的。


这个网站韩语版的菜单可以看到了,韩语版的教师手册(1-12的活动)可以在 这儿买到。
韩语版的视频可以在 这儿看到。


日语版的教师手册(1-12的活动)在A Japanese version of the teachers' edition (Activities 1-12) is already available 这儿可以看到了。


活动1 和2 的阿拉伯语版本分别在各自的页面上,在 这儿有合起来的PDF文稿。


Unplugged 活动的希伯来语的翻译工作正在进行中。一旦工作完成了就会贴到 博客上。 这些工作是Shimon Schocken and Benny Chor做的。


这儿可以看到头unplugged 活动的德语版本了。是由在德国的Maexl Stege of Limburgerh 翻译的。
加拿大的维克多瑞大学计算机学院,与 SPARCS (用算法/机器人/计算机解决问题)合作,Maexl 正在翻译余下的活动。
关于翻译有什么问题的话,请 email到。


法国国家信息与自动化研究院的François Rechenmann 正在从事法语的翻译工作 Interstices web site

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