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Unplugged contributors come from all over the world.

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Principal Authors

Tim Bell's picture
Tim Bell Christchurch New Zealand

Tim is the primary instigator of Computer Science Unplugged.

Ian Witten Hamilton New Zealand
Mike Fellows Callaghan Australia

Advisory Board

Bengt Aspvall Karlskrona Sweden
Lenore Blum Pittsburgh United States
Anna Charny Boston United States
Sam Chung Tacoma United States
Tom Cortina Pittsburgh United States
Robb Cutler Santa Clara United States
Peter J Denning Monterey United States
Rick Dipaolo Columbus United States
Paul Gibson France
Pam Hagen Vancouver Canada
Mindy Hart West Lafayette United States
Peter Henderson
Susumu Kanemune Japan
Ben Tsutom Wada Japan
Rachel Kestenbaum Chicago United States
Lynn Lambert Newport News United States
Lee Won Gyu
Geri Lorway Canada
Craig Nevill-Manning United States
Andy and Todd S... United States
Harold Thimbleby United Kingdom
Alfred Thompson
Allen Tucker
David Vogt
Len Wanger Chicago United States
Xia Xie China


Paddy Krishnan
  • Contributor
Robina Australia
  • Administrator
  • Contributor
Daniela Marghitu
  • Contributor
Auburn United States
  • Administrator
  • Contributor
  • ICanLocalize manager
  • ICanLocalize translator


Paul Gibson France
Anna Wingkvist Sweden
Benny Chor Israel
Shimon Schocken Israel
Alfonso Rodriguez Pittsburgh United States
Anne Berry Aubiere France
Sertan Girgin Turkey
Theophanis Hatz... Greece
Katharina Kranzdorf Bonn Germany
Mohammed Obaid Ilam New Zealand
Sook Kyoung Choi
Professor Lee
Tom Verhoe
Long-Yuan Ya
Swami Manohar Bangalore India
Faisal Hasan Bangladesh
Lorena Mendoza Pittsburgh United States
Clara Eugenia Garza Ciudad de Mexico Mexico
Renzo Davoli Bologna Italy
Giovanni Michel... Verona Italy
SuYu Wuhan China
Shenglan Wang
Amitrajit Sarkar Christchurch New Zealand

I am a lecturer in School of Computing at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand. My goal is to translate/localise resources, develop projects, study materials and research papers for CSUnplugged and to popularise it in India. I am also involved in translating CSUNPLUGGED materials in Bengali.

Mäxl Stege Limburgerhof Germany

In collaboration with SPARCS (Solving Problems with Algorithms, Robots, and ComputerS,, Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria, Canada, Maexl is translating the remaining activities. The first 5 are completed.

Luciano Porto B... Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Worked on Portugese translation (Brazil)
Former lecturer at Federal University of Bahia.
We have sucessfully been using the Unplugged activities in Public Schools and Universities in Brazil.

Irina Derevianko Moscow Russia
Pawel Perekietka Śmigiel/Poznań Poland
Lukasz Nitschke Wolsztyn/Poznań Poland
Constantine Mou... Thessaloniki Greece

Paediatrician - Neonatologist, with a strong interest in free software and Educational applications.

Yingchun Han Kunming China
BruceWebster New Zealand


Isaac Freeman's picture
Isaac Freeman Christchurch New Zealand

Isaac is a web designer and developer, with past experience as a teacher and computer science graduate student.

Tim Bell's picture
Tim Bell Christchurch New Zealand

Tim is the primary instigator of Computer Science Unplugged.

Renzo Davoli Bologna Italy
SuYu Wuhan China
BruceWebster New Zealand


Arnold's picture
Arnold Christchurch New Zealand

Arnold would be happy to dispose of any unwanted crackers you might have about your person.

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