Teachers' Edition


The new teachers' edition collects 12 of the 20 original activities, revised and extended by Robyn Adams and Jane McKenzie to better suit elementary-aged children. It also includes advice for integrating Unplugged activities into primary school curricula. Additionally, the book has been re-typeset, and many new illustrations have been added.

  1. Data: The Raw Material—Representing Information
    1. Counting the Dots—Binary Numbers
    2. Color By Numbers—Image Representation
    3. You Can Say That Again!—Text Compression
    4. Card Flip Magic—Error Detection and Correction
    5. Twenty Guesses—Information Theory
  2. Putting Computers to Work—Algorithms
    1. Battleships—Searching Algorithms
    2. Lightest And Heaviest—Sorting Algorithms
    3. Beat The Clock—Sorting Networks
    4. The Muddy City—Minimal Spanning Trees
    5. The Orange Game—Routing and Deadlock in Networks
  3. Telling Computers What to Do—Representing Procedures
    1. Treasure Hunt—Finite-state Automata
    2. Marching Orders—Programming Languages

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You can buy the teachers' edition in English from Lulu.com. The Korean version is available from BookWall or Yes24. The Japanese version is available from Etext. A Simplified Chinese version has been published by HUST press.

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Many of the activities have been translated individually, and those translations are available from the page for each activity. You'll find activities in Arabic, Italian, French, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Russian and Portugese. Some activities in Hebrew are available from a blog.

Original Edition

Unplugged for Teachers

The original print edition of Computer Science Unplugged was written in 1998. It contains twenty activities, with extra background technical information for those with an academic interest in Computer Science.

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You can buy the original activities book from Lulu.com.

Special Offer

A limited number of copies of the original edition are available to New Zealand customers for NZ$30 (free postage). Contact us to order.

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Book in Portuguese

Hello, I'm Brazil and I liked the book. I think in translate the book for Portuguese, what you think?



新的教师版本有最初20个活动中的12个,由Robyn Adams 和 Jane McKenzie 修订并扩展,比较适合于学龄的孩子。里面也包含了一些建议可以将unplugged的活动整合到小学课程中。另外,书籍已重新排版,增加了很多新的插图。

  1. 数据:原始材料—代表信息
    1. 计数园点—二进制数
    2. 按数填色—图像的表示
    3. 你能再说那个!—文本压缩
    4. 翻卡魔术—错误检测和修正
    5. 二十的猜想—信息理论
  2. 让计算机工作—算法
    1. 战舰—搜索算法
    2. 最轻的和最重的—排序算法
    3. 战胜时间—排序网络
    4. 泥泞的城市—最小生成树
    5. 橙子游戏—网络中的路由和死锁
  3. 告诉计算机该做什么—代表性的例子
    1. 金银岛—有限自动转换机
    2. 出发令—编程语言


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Unplugged for Teachers

初版的"unplugged computer science"写于1998年,包含了20 个活动,对于那些在计算机科学领域有学术兴趣的人,有额外的技术背景信息。

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Open Source Edition (MS Word)

CS Unplugged is about sharing. You're free to use all the PDF files, but if you'd like to modify an activity, here are the main activities in MS Word format. This is a version that was updated in 2012 - it's the main 20 activities we've had for some time, but we've changed a few minor references to things that aren't so common now like floppy disks!

You are welcome to edit it yourself for your own purposes, and it carries a Creative Commons licence so you can publish modifications as long as you keep the attribution and release it with the same licence yourself.

If you make significant improvements, please share it with us by contacting tim dot bell at canterbury dot ac dot nz.

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